Our Story

Right-brain creativity combined with left-brain logic defines Dolgos Marketing + Design and its leader, Denise Dolgos. Denise started her career about 25 years ago as an Art Director working for the top global PR/Advertising Agency. She later earned her MBA and moved into marketing. In late 2016, Denise followed her dream of combining her business savvy with her creative roots and started Dolgos Marketing + Design in Pittsburgh, PA. Denise has formed a deep network of professional freelancers to help support client needs. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people with information, ideas and inspiration.

Additionally, we are passionate about working efficiently to communicate effectively. We have limited overhead which allows us to remain nimble and cost-effective. We are supported by a variety of talented freelance designers, copywriters, and digital professionals as well as other service providers. With an only-what-you-need-per-project plan, we are certain you’ll find our costs reasonable for the quality of work provided.

Our Approach

WE LISTEN. We tune in and ask clarifying questions to ensure we are aligned with your goals.

WE STRATEGIZE. We treat each project as a unique problem in need of an appropriate solution. 

WE TARGET. We define who, then how we will communicate your message.

WE CREATE. We bring solutions to life through imagery, words and unique experiences.

WE INSPIRE ACTION. We build brand loyalty, increase engagement and drive sales!

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